Central Marketing Group (CMG), a subsidiary of Central Retail, is proud to receive ‘The Outstanding Tobacco Control Operation 2024 Award’ at the 14th FahSai Academic Conference 2024 event

27 Feb 2024

The award is given to businesses which ensure 100% smoke-free workplaces, to encourage better health standards among its employees. Mr Kiatipong Suparachit, Head of Supply Chain - CMG Omnichannel Operation, received the award on behalf of the company at Royal Golden Jubilee Building, Bangkok

Central Marketing Group emphasizes the importance of employee well-being and is dedicated to addressing smoking issues continuously. This includes implementing programs for quitting smoking among employees working at the warehouse. Training sessions are conducted to educate about the dangers of smoking and provide guidance on the correct steps to quit smoking. Additionally, motivation is built through involvement of family members and coworkers, enabling participants to successfully quit smoking for good.