CMG celebrates 5 straight years of winning the "Kincentric Best Employer Award Thailand 2023".

8 December 2023

Central Marketing Group (CMG), a subsidiary of Central Retail Corporation, was recently honored with the Kincentric Best Employer Thailand Award for the fifth consecutive year at the Kincentric Thailand Best Employers Award and Learning Conference. The award reflects the company's consistent commitment to continually develop employee engagement and  development through its 'Drive the Change'  theme for 2023 believes that every employees can create positive changes within the organization, and teamwork is crucial in fostering sustainable growth for the organization.


On accepting the award, Edwin Yap Hawson, Central Marketing Group (CMG) President, shared the company's core beliefs that have led to this success: "We need to be courageous to 'Drive the Change' and always be ahead of the curve as our retail world evolves. This, in turn, leads to strong employee engagement and company pride. Engaged and fulfilled employees are the cornerstone of our success.


Being courageous in our goal to drive change and to be the leader in retail services is the cornerstone of our continued success in realizing both strong business results and company-wide employee engagement and pride.


"Winning the Kincentric Best Employer Thailand Award for the fifth consecutive year is a gratifying honor. This award reflects our firm belief that our employees are our most valuable resource, as well as our unwavering commitment to ensuring their continuing development.


We remain dedicated to providing excellent employee experiences, and establishing their foundation for sustainable growth. Amid rapid changes in the business environment, we continue on our unwavering dedication in nurturing our employees.  While we strengthen our current business, we also prepare our teams to be future-ready, for the unknown challenges ahead.”


Receiving the Kincentric Best Employer Thailand Award five years in a row demonstrates our commitment to developing effective people management strategies while actively supporting employee development and career growth with the company. The award also highlights our success in creating a healthy work environment that reinforces business change and champions diverse working styles.   


"Drive the Change" focuses on five areas to make our team be even more responsive to the dynamic retail environment:


Store Operational Excellence:  CMG concentrates on delivering frequent training to all store staff members to instill a Customer-Centric Mindset, and deliver outstanding, memorable customer experiences.  Furthermore, we are utilizing innovative technology to enhance retail services. We have partnered with Palexy company to use store-focused artificial intelligence (AI) analytics, to assess the customer journey throughout their store visit and identify areas for improvement, top drive even higher customer satisfaction.  CMG employees can take pride in being at the forefront of change in Thailand store analytics and operational performance.


Seamlessly Integrating OmniChannel into the Shopping Experience:. To provide products and services anywhere, at any time, we have strengthened our e-commerce channels – on both our own sites, on 3P platforms, and on our social commerce presence on Facebook, Line Chat&Shop, Tiktok.   This allows our brand-loyal customers to enjoy shopping online or in our stores, at their own convenient timing and preference, while equipping our employees the capabilities to be ahead of the learning curve, versus the rest of our industry. 


New User Recruitment: CMG aggressively leverages our CRM data analytics [via Central Group’s The1 member loyalty database] to continue improving our marketing communication, of new products, promotions, and stores, to reach new customers and build loyalty.   This is our unique competitive advantage which gives our employees both the added insights and skills to navigate our Big Data opportunities.


New Brands: We are continually on the lookout for new brands to represent in Thailand, especially in the lifestyle areas of fashion, beauty, technology.  Hunting down, acquiring, and nurturing new brands provides our employees with new learnings, perspectives, as well as growth opportunities.


Future-Ready Organization: To boost our appeal especially among the younger generation, we at CMG have the commitment to train our employees to stay abreast of developments in the market.   We enhance employees' capabilities in the digital age by consistently offering courses to refresh knowledge in various fields.  In 2023, we achieved a +30% increase in training man-hours provided to our employees.  Besides our learning and development programs, we continue to promote our positive work atmosphere, and emphasize the value of team collaboration.


"The five factors described above are all critical components for  our brighter future.  We aim to  maintain our position as a leader in international brand retailing.  Our people are key to our success.  As we "Drive the Change"  in our business strategies and activations to secure our sustained in-market success, we also “Drive the Change” for our team, to equip them with the best training, best skills, and best opportunities, to nurture their engagement and pride in CMG" Edwin concluded.

ly. (as of 30 September 2023)